Nude lace

thrifted lace top/belt, Forever 21 jumper/bag/accessories, UO heels, H&M blazer

I think lace is almost always darling, but sometimes it can look a bit trashy if it's overwhelmingly black. Personally I feel the most comfortable in lace that's more neutral or taupe. Lighter-colored lace delicately brings out the details of the floral design (emphasis on 'delicately'), which I think is its main purpose. I paired it with this black Forever 21 jumper, a 'harder' looking piece, to even out the look. And the shoes... ah, they're my new favorite heels. They're obnoxiously comfortable so they make me want to wear them everywhere. Had quality time with the fam bam today and now I'm going to slumber and then wake up in a few hours for Black Friday madness. Hope I find some cheap goodies!


Ali S. said...

I love the outfit!

great blog!! :D

Jennifer said...

great outfit

J.S. said...

cute outfit ms jenny....


Sunny Side-Up said...

This is a great idea. I never thought to take a see-through skin tone lace shirt and pair it with something else on top of it like a jump suit, tube top etc.

Stay happy!