Night owl

thrifted floral button-up/faux fur vest, Old Navy jean jacket, DIY floral skirt, Forever 21 knee-highs/fringe bag/jewelry/heels

I've become quite the night owl since school started in September. Although I don't like the dark eyes and bags that come with it, I'd say that it's an odd but liberating feeling being able to walk through places (that are usually crowded) undisturbed... it gives me a peculiar feeling of peace. Don't get me wrong- I love people though.


gabrielle said...

love that bag! you have awesome photos!


Michelle said...

I'm loving the leggings and rose skirt!! Good combo!

Heels lover said...

I just browsed your blog and i'm impressed:) You have a great sense of style and your pictures are all so beautiful!
Love this outfit, you look so pretty!
Anyway, i'm following you now:)