I love this city

everything borrowed from my lovely friend Amanda

This weekend I got to go back to L.A. to visit some of my best girl friends and catch a show by Yelle at The Echoplex! The girls and I goofed around with clothes/pictures... and Amanda and her roomie graciously made (a most delectable!) pizza from scratch, too. Good company, good food. Hours later, we danced like no one was watching to the amazing electropop produced by Yelle (Yelle has the cutest dance moves and her bandmates are too cute for words by the way). T'was such a fun night!


Han said...

Ohhhmyguh. I love you and I love us and I love love love this. <3

gabrielle said...

you have adorable friends. they look like so much fun!


Michelle said...

I love your pictures!! They look so alive and festive! ^_^