Black in the air of fall

Gap blazer, Forever 21 cardigan/rings, Old Navy jeans, thrifted lace shirt/necklace/shoes/floppy hat/backpack

This is a darker, more 'formal' attire worn during the day for school, and I just happened to stick with it before heading out to Disneyland (these $5 shoes are super comfy and ideal for walking around Disneyland without having to wear gross sneakers, haha). Snapped a few shots on campus while most students were gone... hence the crazy jungle vibe. Gonna head out soon with a few friends but I just wanted to squeeze in a 'Happy Thanksgiving!' to all! I totally went shopping yesterday and today... forgot that I will be amongst the masses on Black Friday! Hope everyone will be safe!


CINDY said...

wow. even if we can't do the shoot. i'd totally go thrift shopping with you. share your secrets! where do you go?? buffalo exchange?

can't wait for LA!!! i bet the weather is juuust right :)


Samantha said...

Seems like a fun outfit! Great pictures!



Marcella Alyssa said...

I have that blazer! Hehe :)

gabrielle said...

the shoes are awesome!


Jennifer said...

i love how you layered everything in the first picture. And you shoes are too cute, & the hat is adorable! So chic


A, J and S said...

I love the necklace it's beautiful! Plus the floppy hat is so awesome I need one like that.

Spokhette said...

Your collection of lace is GORGEOUS!

kakang kokong said...

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