November 2010


Bundled up

Forever 21 cardigan/tube dress/socks/tights, Calvin Klein scarf, Old Navy basic top, DIY fingerless gloves, borrowed plaid shirt

I'm feeling like a pansy because I can barely handle this 50 degree weather. So Cal girl to the fullest, ha. I wonder how I'll manage New York when I go in the dead of winter... should be fun! Anyway- as you can see, I layered it on today with basics, plaid, and knits (all favorites for this season). I'm not a fan of bows and such but these darling tights from Forever 21 are such a pretty color and they reminded me of the ones I saw at UO... had to get them in pink and black.



Forever 21 faux-leather jacket/circle scarf/blouse, TOMS c/o Eilatan

Black Friday ensued and unfortunately I woke up with dry eyes for nothing. Sales were great but nothing grabbed my attention really. I'm just thankful to have gotten out alive and early, and to have gone in such comfort. I don't usually like wearing sneakers but when it's absolutely necessary, TOMS is the only way to go. They're fitted so they're not too thick and more importantly, they're crazy comfortable. Trekking out at 4:00 am in 30-40 degree weather is something I positively detest but these TOMS made the experience much less petrifying. Thank you Eilatan for these! I love Eilatan for their well-stocked inventory and selection... they carry Sam Edelman, Seychelles, Jeffrey Campbell, 80%20, etc. among other brands. Visit their blog or their online store for a great selection of shoes!

Love these new cord pants I got recently from Forever 21- they are the most comfortable pair and it comes in such a great color. It looks beige in pictures but in person they're a light sea foam green... super cute. I changed into this outfit after my six hour nap for a dinner party in L.A. 'Twas a fun night but I think it made my internal clock go bonkers once more and now I'm stuck trying to fix the problem before finals start this week. Cheers to a great Thanksgiving with family and friends (and shoes!). More updates to come!


Nude lace

thrifted lace top/belt, Forever 21 jumper/bag/accessories, UO heels, H&M blazer

I think lace is almost always darling, but sometimes it can look a bit trashy if it's overwhelmingly black. Personally I feel the most comfortable in lace that's more neutral or taupe. Lighter-colored lace delicately brings out the details of the floral design (emphasis on 'delicately'), which I think is its main purpose. I paired it with this black Forever 21 jumper, a 'harder' looking piece, to even out the look. And the shoes... ah, they're my new favorite heels. They're obnoxiously comfortable so they make me want to wear them everywhere. Had quality time with the fam bam today and now I'm going to slumber and then wake up in a few hours for Black Friday madness. Hope I find some cheap goodies!


Black in the air of fall

Gap blazer, Forever 21 cardigan/rings, Old Navy jeans, thrifted lace shirt/necklace/shoes/floppy hat/backpack

This is a darker, more 'formal' attire worn during the day for school, and I just happened to stick with it before heading out to Disneyland (these $5 shoes are super comfy and ideal for walking around Disneyland without having to wear gross sneakers, haha). Snapped a few shots on campus while most students were gone... hence the crazy jungle vibe. Gonna head out soon with a few friends but I just wanted to squeeze in a 'Happy Thanksgiving!' to all! I totally went shopping yesterday and today... forgot that I will be amongst the masses on Black Friday! Hope everyone will be safe!


It was all yellow

vintage yellow sweater, Old Navy coat, Forever 21 high-waisted shorts/circle scarf/boots, Target tights, thrifted bag

When 50-60 degree weather sets, I am once again reminded why I prefer the season of fall over all others- cozy, thick sweaters, tea, soup, and cuddling are so much more enjoyable. Not to mention, some of the best holidays of the year are all bundled up in the fall (present the Thanksgiving food and cue the Christmas music, please). The fall quarter passed by all too quickly though; before I knew it, the second to last week of school is here and I'm only 14 days shy from my one-month winter break. And then after that? New York in mid-January(!), 'sup NY, I see you!

Most of my friends know how much I love yellow. I have yellow everything- golden yellow walls, rugs, toothbrush, mugs, etc. So when my mom fished out her yellow sweater from the '80s, I just about died a little inside. I also just got this great circle scarf from Forever 21 yesterday. I thought I was over being smitten with circle scarves but the way the stripes come together when the scarf is wrapped made me a fan again.

Super excited for this coming weekend- movie date with my mummy, Black Friday shopping with my siblings, sleepover with the amigos in L.A. all await me. Of course, all of this is awarded after I get through the next three days of grueling school work, internship, and work. P.S. why are sunsets so beautiful (refer to pictures below)? Moreover, why is the iPhone camera so amazing? Who needs a DSLR, seriously? P.P.S. Christmas lights are up at Disneyland, eee! And so I felt it was necessary to adorn Lucky with a holiday-appropriate jacket. P.P.P.S. who else eats ice cream in the cold? I LOVE the feeling.



Currently and majorly lusting after these pieces of perfection.
1. Ruche Waist Maxi Dress by Kate Moss for Topshop
2. Perfect Silk Peg Pant from Asos
3. Criss Cross Embellished Dress by Kate Moss for Topshop
4. Wool Twill Topcoat by Vanessa Bruno
5. Ankle-Wrap Sandal from Miu Miu



H&M blazer/ruched blouse, Forever 21 acid-wash jeans/cheetah-print heels, thrifted bag/necklace

A simple outfit worn to class today. I'm in love with the way the heels are shaped; they're perfect and not too flashy for school days. Still trying to break 'em in though... anyhow, it's kind of nice to be able to lounge around and not be stricken with anxiety over a test. Now, off to dinner with a few friends to celebrate the end of a successful study week! TGIF (basically...)!



thrifted floral dress/clogs/J. Crew button-up shirt, Forever 21 accessories/fringe bag

As much as I love the fall, I have to remind myself that it is the most stressful time of the year for me. Just a few more weeks of this whirlwind of a quarter and I'm dunzo. I can't wait to let senioritis go wild and finally be able to spend some time on things I have a passion for (and that I've neglected to explore in the last three years of college). My big test is tomorrow and I've been arduously working my brain juices this entire day. Good luck to me!

Note- first, I love a lot of things floral but when it's sheer and frilly (way too girly for my taste), I don't wear it. However... this dress is an exception. I love the darker hue behind the flowers and how the flowers are oddly placed with no particular pattern. Second, the last picture reminded me of Miu Miu... ah, love. Happy Tuesday!


Laced up

H&M polka dot blouse, Petticoat Alley laced/burgundy dress, American Apparel tights, Forever 21 lace-up booties/accessories, Jessica Simpson clutch

I just got these lace-up booties a few days ago and I've been wearing them like crazy. I was ready to bear the brunt of the heels but to my surprise, these boots are just perfect for my feet. Anyway, I wore this to a potluck dinner at my boyfriend's (potluck party in celebration of Pacquiao haha) but took a few shots in my backyard before heading out. And the dog you see in the last picture is my good ol' buddy of two years, Lucky. He wears clothes, too.

P.S. I have a huge test coming up that I need to study for so I hope the image-heavy post will make up for the lack of text! As always, I hope everyone had an amazing weekend.


Pumpkin cheesecake

Forever 21 top/ring, Old Navy black jeans, thrifted cardigan/fringe necklace, vintage Esprit backpack, Joie boots

Real quick post before I head out to my favorite city- lately I've been pining over pumpkin everything... pumpkin lattes, pumpkin cookies, pumpkin pies, etc. Hence the trip to a quaint pumpkin patch to satiate my seasonal craving. P.S. this long cardigan is perfect... it's featherweight and has the perfect salt-and-pepper coloring. Hope everyone has an amazing weekend!


Skinny love

vintage Eduardo Blanco cheetah-print chiffon blouse, thrifted jeweled fishnet tank/open-toe clogs, Forever 21 black skinnies/purse/accessories

These black skinny jeans from Forever 21 are divine. They were cheap but they feel like a million bucks. I've gotten a lot of compliments on them so I'd say I lucked out. I also have a growing affinity for this chiffon blouse... even though it has a pattern, I think it's one of the most versatile pieces I own. It can be free-flowing or tied for a more fitted look, it can look dainty (considering how sheer it is) or it can look 'hard' when worn with a dark solid color underneath. It's lightweight and I think colored just perfectly. My sentiments of adoration for the blouse goes the same way for the fishnet tank. I love anything see-through- it sanctions some heavy-duty layering.

And although I'd prefer consistent fall weather, I can't complain about the sunny, summery days I have here in So Cal. It allows me to feel uber cool wearing something in the day and then changing into something drastically different in the night, ha.


Night owl

thrifted floral button-up/faux fur vest, Old Navy jean jacket, DIY floral skirt, Forever 21 knee-highs/fringe bag/jewelry/heels

I've become quite the night owl since school started in September. Although I don't like the dark eyes and bags that come with it, I'd say that it's an odd but liberating feeling being able to walk through places (that are usually crowded) undisturbed... it gives me a peculiar feeling of peace. Don't get me wrong- I love people though.


I love this city

everything borrowed from my lovely friend Amanda

This weekend I got to go back to L.A. to visit some of my best girl friends and catch a show by Yelle at The Echoplex! The girls and I goofed around with clothes/pictures... and Amanda and her roomie graciously made (a most delectable!) pizza from scratch, too. Good company, good food. Hours later, we danced like no one was watching to the amazing electropop produced by Yelle (Yelle has the cutest dance moves and her bandmates are too cute for words by the way). T'was such a fun night!